Jupiter by Salvador Dali

Jupiter by Salvador Dali

The statue of Jupiter was created by order of the King of France. In the right hand the figure holds a lightning bolt, and in the left hand it holds a globe. When the figure of Jupiter was completed, Cellini placed the work in the dark corridor of the royal palace. He ordered one of the servants to stand behind the sculpture with a torch, so that silver shone in the dark.

For Jupiter was located a few more traditional sculptures from Bologna, which can also be seen in the picture of Dali. Jupiter brought the king in admiration, but other audiences criticized Cellini for innovations that concerned the use

of silver.

In the figure “Benvenutto Cellini and Jupiter” is depicted Cellini, who solemnly, in elegant clothes, opens a statue of Jupiter, which, like the original, throws his creator with his left hand, which should be the globe, but judging by the position, there is lightning. The figure of Jupiter takes up a lot of space; it seems that it is in motion; one leg is raised as if he intends to trample Cellini, pictured in the foreground. The signature of the author can be seen in the lower left corner.

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