Jolly Ship by Albert Lynch

Jolly Ship by Albert Lynch

By the picture of an unknown artist of the Peruvian “Merry Ship” I do not want to make any preambles – it is so expressive and rich in artistic details that we’ll dwell on them, not postponing the case. Close-up – the boat and those who are in it. In the background is a large sailing ship.

Most likely, that the whole company returns to the ship from the island. It is possible that in two chests there are treasures captured with them. There is only one rowing – his face expresses an incredible strain of physical strength, because, after all, there are as many as nine people

in the boat with him. However, two of those who are in the boat obviously keep aloof and, apparently, they have their own reasons for that. This is a man and a woman. They are drawn completely different. This is especially true of clothing and its color.

Dark tones prevail. It seems that the woman wore mourning. The very expression of her face is absent, detached. The man convulsively clenched his hand in his fist and peered intently at those sitting at the stern. By the way, the picture owes its name to them. Among these commoners reign fun and laughter. The second rower, who, by occupation, would help the first, left the oars, and tells something. The young ladies listen with pleasure. Thus, disharmony is present – between the pair in black and all the rest.

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