Jacques Lipschitz and his wife Berta by Amedeo Modigliani

Jacques Lipschitz and his wife Berta by Amedeo Modigliani

Lithuanian Jew Jacques Lipshitz moved to Paris in 1909. There he became one of the leading avant-garde sculptors. In particular, he was the first to spread cubism to the sculpture, invented by Picasso and Braque. This portrait of Lipschitz ordered Modigliani for his 1916 wedding.

By this time, Lipschitz was already firmly on his feet and did not miss the opportunity to help a beggar friend. By negotiating an hourly rate, he hoped to pose for the artist as long as possible, but his calculations did not materialize. The sculptor recalled that Modigliani “made a lot of preliminary sketches, one after another,

working with great speed and incredible accuracy.

Finally, he found the position he needed, inspired by our wedding photo. “The next day, Modigliani was already writing a portrait,” coming off only to take a sip from the bottle next to him.

From time to time he raised his head and critically examined us and his picture. By the end of the day, he said: “Finish”. “Lipshitz suggested that the artist continue working the next day, but he replied:” If you want me to spoil the portrait, then let’s continue, “and decidedly refused another session.

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