In the Kremlin by a fire! by Vasily Vereshchagin

In the Kremlin by a fire! by Vasily Vereshchagin

Paintings Vereshchagin V. V. is always a combination of accurately considered portraits, where the painter expects every detail, from the similarity with the original, a suitable expression, truthfully true in the historical plan of the costumes, to the surrounding portrait of the details.

Such details as nature, buildings and other moments help the viewer to visit the place of events accurately, to feel, to hear sounds, smells. Here is the canvas “In the Kremlin – a fire!” clearly blows the heat, the smell of defeat! What sense did the author try to invest in his work? And what thoughts

did it bring me?

The painting depicts the beginning of the defeat of man over the elements. And although the people who defeated the fire brought themselves to their home, but it became an excellent weapon in the fight against the terrible enemy, who, like a gluttonous locust, himself ran through Europe, leaving many homeland. What did Napoleon count on? Perhaps he believed in his invincibility? Did he insert into his equation the Russian soul he had not known? Hardly! Otherwise the answer would have turned out different, and the Frenchman’s foot had never set foot on the Russian land with the thoughts to subdue her. Yes, he reached Moscow. He forced the capital to leave Kutuzov’s troops. All this is true. But what did he get? With trembling hand, the Russians burned the wooden city. Only the Kremlin met Napoleon with a fire! And is this a victory?

The creator of this painting immortalized the historical moment of the true defeat of the French commander. Puffy generals and military leaders stand apart from their emperor. By their arrogant postures it is clear that they do not fully understand the significance of what is happening. But Napoleon himself is concentrated. He sees the picture of his own terrible fall in the fire of the Kremlin. Did Moscow give up? Was Russia affected? Even if the troops withdrew, they took with them the opportunity of Napoleon to seize their stronghold and hope. The Frenchman has something to think about. What awaits him? And how to such a “victory” will be taken in his homeland? Burning coals surround it around, lie scattered, from somewhere fall. But this does not frighten Napoleon, but his apparent success.

I understand the idea of ​​the author – to show the strength of the spirit of his people. And it’s nice to realize that I have the same qualities in my blood. Therefore, if I want, just such a pathetic kind will have all those who try to harm me and my homeland!

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