In the artist’s studio by Vladimir Makovsky

In the artists studio by Vladimir Makovsky

In his bright painting “In the Artist’s Studio,” Konstantin Makovsky depicted his son, who stood up on a chair and was about to take an apple from a tray on the table. The very action of the painting takes place directly in the artist’s studio.

The author himself called his work “Little Thief”. The hero of this picture is still too small to know what aesthetic pleasure from a still life in the Flemish style is. Therefore, a boy dressed in a white nightgown tries, by all means, to get hold of a red ripe apple.

His anxious glance and cautious tilt suggests that he really feels like a thief, doing something bad. With small legs, the child is standing on a rich and luxurious fabric, which has been prudently laid out by the artist to paint the still life.

There is a feeling that the boy is not at all afraid of the huge dog that lies on the colorful carpet. Due to the fact that the size of the dog is several times the height of the child, and the dog has red hair, it begins to seem that this is no longer a dog, but a real huge lion, spread out in the room.

Complement the picture, giving it a special flavor, ancient weapons, antique vases and rich fabrics.

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