In the afternoon by Karl Bryullov

In the afternoon by Karl Bryullov

A series of sepia “Lazzaroni on the beach”, created by the artist in the last year of his life, testifies to the birth of the “new” Bryullov. The theme of the series was the life of Italian tramps – “lazzaroni”. Bryullov painted them from nature, wandering along the seashore in those rare moments when he let out a heartache.

It was a completely different view of the world than before: as if the fetters of art were sleeping, and the eye of the artist first saw the world not through the prism of long-invented beauty formulas, but what he, this world, really is. This

is the realism of pure water.

Sepia “At noon” represents the viewer a picturesque “bosy” family, freely settled under the midday sun; sepia “Lazzaroni and children” – a scenic scene, permeated with a love of peace and soft irony. Here it is as if the gospel is heard: “They do not sow, nor are they windowed, nor are they gathered into barns, and your heavenly Father feeds them.”

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