Hunting by Carl Vanloo

Hunting by Carl Vanloo

Karl Vanloo is the most famous French artist from the Vanloo dynasty. His artistic career began at the age of 14, when he came to Paris from Italy, where he lived from the age of seven. The first paintings the artist created on religious subjects. Subsequently, the genres in which he worked were surprisingly diverse.

Vanloo wrote costumed and representative portraits, decorative panels, performed cardboard for the Tapestry manufactory, created works on mythological and religious subjects. He was one of the first to paint pictures in the genre of costumed scenes on oriental and exotic themes. The painting “Rest on the Hunt” was written by Vanloo for dining in the small apartments of the King in Fontainebleau. At this time, the artist flourishes.

In 1735 he was awarded the title of academician, and in 1737 he was awarded the title of professor. Despite the success, brilliant career, the works of Vanloo after 1750 were criticized for pomposity and falsity. Nevertheless, in 1771 a famous connoisseur of painting D. Diderot advised Catherine II to purchase paintings of Vanloo.

Other famous works: “Spanish reading”. 1754- 1761. The Hermitage, St. Petersburg; “The Spanish concert”. 1754. The Hermitage, St. Petersburg; “Beautiful gardener.” 1750. Meeting of Morgan, New York.

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