Holy Interview by Elder Palma

Holy Interview by Elder Palma

In the 1510-1520s, Palma the Elder was one of the most famous masters of Venice. His work was influenced by the works of J. Bellini. From the 1510s, he mastered the painting techniques of Giorgione and early Titian, but the techniques of these masters in the works of Palm were organically combined with his individual manner, with his approach to the interpretation of famous subjects.

The favorite themes of the artist were “Holy Interview” and “Holy Family”. He wrote many options, but always depicted wore the character of idyllic scenes against the backdrop of rural landscapes. Leisurely,

calm, moderately emotional conversations, a few mannered gestures captured by the master in the works, which are characterized by a rich color saturation characteristic of the Venetians. The biblical scene performed by the master turned into a rural idyll, into a real modern event.

Other famous works: “St. Family with St. Catherine.” 1520s Art Gallery, Dresden; “St. Barbara”. OK. 1522-1523. Church of the Site Maria Formosa, Venice; “Meeting of Jacob and Rachel”. 1520s Art Gallery, Dresden; “Youth”. OK. 1512-1515. Hermitage, St. Petersburg.

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