Saint Ursula by Hans Holbein

Saint Ursula, the heroine of the Christian legend, widespread in the Middle Ages in Western European countries. According to legend, Ursula, the daughter of the British king, was famous for

Self-Portrait by Hans Holbein

Hans Holbein the Younger was born in the family of the artist and it is therefore quite natural that his initial training took place in the workshop of his father

Portrait of a Woman by Hans Holbein

In 1516-1529 Holbein intensively worked also on book ornamentation, performing many titles, vignettes, frames, initials for humanistic, and later reformist literature. In them he acts as a first-class decorator, who

Dead Christ by Hans Holbein

The history of writing this unusual work is unknown to us. Before Holbein, the plot “Christ in a tomb” was developed by other artists, but none of them depicted the