Gordo de Groot, portrait by Vincent Van Gogh

Gordo de Groot, portrait by Vincent Van Gogh

In Nyuan, Van Gogh paid much attention to portraiture. In his opinion, the drawing of the heads was necessary for mastering the artistic craft. In addition, he planned to enter the Academy of Arts, where the image of human figures was the main activity.

Peasant life and the life of ordinary people was for Van Gogh an endless source of inspiration. Drawing portraits of peasants, he tried to convey those features of each of them that distinguish him from others and make the simple face characteristic and interesting. He especially liked to portray the type of peasants with low foreheads, thick lips and coarse

features. It is these faces that can be seen in most of the works of Millet, which were highly valued by Van Gogh.

This portrait depicts a peasant woman, Gordina de Groot. It can be seen on the canvas “Potato Eaters”, the models for which were the members of the Gordina family. Van Gogh depicted her in a white cap, standing out against a dark background. The face of the peasant woman is written in a bold, broad manner, without unnecessary detail. Van Gogh very clearly and clearly showed her character, focusing on a direct bold look, slightly shifted volitional eyebrows.

The features of the woman’s face are rude and at the same time soft and simple. The color scheme of the picture is also warm and soft, in this was expressed the positive attitude of Van Gogh to the person depicted.

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