Girl with agave by Victor Elpidiforovich Borisov-Musatov

Girl with agave by Victor Elpidiforovich Borisov Musatov

“In the summer of 1897, Borisov-Musatov performed sketches for Maternite, most of them A Girl with an Agave, A Lady in a Rocking Chair, Aghava, In the Park, it is kept in the Tretyakov Gallery. The main” hero “in them is the sun, dazzling, bright – the sun is like the source of life… The best work of the summer of 1897 was the study of Agava, which was brilliantly translated into the lessons of Paris, a work of the artist who already perfectly knows the method and technique of impressionistic painting and is at the same time well acquainted with the discoveries of post-impressionism: it is executed vividly, boldly, artistically ” .

It seems to me that the surname obliges the author to make a more thorough judgment. These are workshops, but simple in the design of the picture. In the Girl with the Agave several characters: on a green meadow with abundant grass on a stump there is a clay pot with a high house plant – agave. Curly plant, similar to a vine. Ahead of the girl is waist-deep in a white closed dress: her head is lowered, she looks at the ground, the corners of her lips are down. The general impression of a person of sadness and concentrated thoughtfulness. She has black hair gathered behind her in a bun. On the face a little noticeable, and in the hair very strong blue reflexes. The idea of the picture is easily seen in the flower. His lower leaves were already dry, compressed, turned yellow. A little higher – the green leaves stretched wide to the sides, some leaned over. In the center – a dense bunch of almost blue sharp juicy leaves stretches upward. Liana offers help, support,

The girl is in sadness: her hopes have not been justified, her heart is bitter, her gaze is directed downwards, but the determination to overcome a painful state is already born in her head. In Agave color solutions are somewhat different, but the meaning of the picture is the same. The lower leaves are given in bright light, the central bundle of leaves is juicy green. The background of the flower is the multi-colored earth, passing at the top to the blue – a symbol of the spiritual sky. Green shoots of the plant are aimed at him. Spirit, spiritual in man, is the goal and support of it, the impetus for renewal. And the person who finds support in himself, like agave, from the ancient Greek – “worthy of surprise.”

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