Garden View by Marie Brackemont

Garden View by Marie Brackemont

Marie Brackemont is one of the three grand dames of Impressionism, according to Gustave Jeffre. The artist experienced the influence of many authoritative Frenchmen and the search for her style was not easy for her. On her account works in the classical style, copies of paintings of the Louvre, hobby for graphics, porcelain painting. However, according to the works of Brackemon, it is easy to determine where exactly the boundary lies, beyond which the craftsman began to create in the Impressionist style. Actually, this picture belongs to this picture.

The canvas depicts a garden, more precisely – the

impression that it evokes from the viewer. The play of colors, the iridescent palette with the prevailing green and red colors. Successfully shades the bright colors of a piece of white and pink sky, peering through the lush foliage. To the foreground is a bright curved branch, dotted with many small flowers, in the left corner of the picture. It is this detail that creates a contrast to the clear sky.

An amazing impression is about work, it is worthwhile to consider it more closely – this is the case when you can see in detail all the techniques, strokes, movement of the hand and the “curls” of the brush. Moving away for a long distance, before looking these separate details “gather” in a wonderful landscape single and picturesque.

Brakemon did not seek fame, but simply devoted herself to her work with devotion. She often exhibited her work, she was acquainted with the masters of Impressionism, earned them deserved interest and respect, but she stopped writing early, tired of criticizing her husband.

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