Galarina by Salvador Dali

Galarina by Salvador Dali

The portrait is made in a realistic manner. The gala is depicted to the waist, in an unbuttoned light blouse with a short sleeve. One breast of her naked, like that of ladies from the paintings of the Renaissance. There are no unnecessary details on the canvas. The background is monochrome, the cherry-terracotta color echoes with the copper hair of Gala. The hair is laid in a simple, but neat hairstyle.

The light source is positioned in such a way that creates a halo around the head of the model. Dali wrote this picture for six months. He himself argued that an inquisitive spectator can discern bread on this

canvas – a favorite attribute of the artist. Galya’s naked chest was associated with a loaf, and the interweaving of his fingers – with the bars of a bread basket.

The very name – “Galarina” – is an allusion to the famous Raphael model of Fornarina. Earlier, Dali had already portrayed his wife with slices of bacon. Now, likening Gala to a basket of bread, the artist raised it to the highest possible level.

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