Frog by Claude Monet

Frog by Claude Monet

The painting “The Frogger” was painted by Claude Monet in 1869. The French have nicknamed the small establishments located on the water, to which narrow bridges led from the shore. Quite often, in such places, girls of easy-going behavior were looking for themselves, who visited these institutions alone or accompanied by men. They attracted men to themselves frank outfits and provocative behavior, attracted attention with loud squeals and laughter, which could be heard from afar. Their behavior reminded the French of a plunge pool, in which frogs gather on the water and emit a loud croaking in unison.


Monet – a true master of writing landscapes. When creating this picture, he paid more attention to the image of nature than drawing people. The artist painted this picture at the same time as his friend Auguste Renoir, but in the picture of the second people paid much more attention, their clothes and their postures were drawn in more detail.

Monet was always fascinated by the beauty of nature, so it was a real pleasure for him to capture such a composition on his canvases. He always portrayed her a little prettier than she really was, making small color additions to her.

A light bridge leading to a platform on the water, a café veranda, a crowd of people having fun and communicating with each other, all this is painted by the artist in a curt and sketchy way, like a sketch. If you do not look at the picture, it is difficult to make out which people are busy with what they do. Even the green background, formed by a forest in the distance, is made with blurred strokes.

But the foreground worked by the artist as well as possible. On the shore are a few small boats, which are traced in some detail. They sway a little on the light waves, which are depicted so naturally that they create the feeling that they are about to hear the sound of their splash, it seems that they will begin to move, reflecting the sun’s rays. The water surface reflects a clear, bright sky, trees, guests of the institution. She paid the main attention of the artist, who with particular trepidation made each stroke, doing this picture.

Such a contrast between people and nature looks rather unusual. It is hard to believe that Claude Monet, who has such a huge talent for depicting nature, is so indifferent to people that he doesn’t even want to waste time drawing them in detail in his paintings.

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