Fresh breeze. Volga by Isaac Levitan

Fresh breeze. Volga by Isaac Levitan

Speaking about the importance of the river in the life of every person from ancient times to modernity, we can emphasize its importance both as a water resource and as a “highway” connecting people. It was no less valuable for art. For example, many writers, poets and artists described the cheerful Volga with beautiful steep shores. Everyone noticed the peculiar character of this river, comparing its flow with life, changeable happiness and even memory. Levitan I. I. left his response about the river mother, his picture is full of both symbolic meaning and beauty, poetry.

What is depicted in the picture? Steamboats, barges, skiffs are sailing and rolling along the Volga. Beautiful slope of the coast, which leans towards its owner, protecting her peace and limits. It is like a picturesque setting in a precious ring. Always near and always around the shining, bright and valuable jewelry for its purity and transparency. Soft blue sky with a peculiar pattern, woven white, fluffy clouds. Gulls, meeting river travelers, and escorting them to their destination, like loyal dogs, snooping and playing in water streams. And cheerful, brave wind. This joker is not content with the eternal dance of the clouds to his melody. It connects to the general fun and the smoke from the steamers.

Morse code calls diverge against a blue sky so that everyone can read these plain messages. And for everyone it is clear that smoke is begging for mercy, asking for salvation. But capricious is the wind that captured this smoke. Do not make any concessions. And drives and fully develops it to full transparency. Fun and sail support. They fought, and therefore, with the first whiff of the prankster, spread their wings, stretched, and began to dance. Watching this, and the Volga forgot about its respectability, she set off to play tricks and curl her pretty little lambs on the water.

A fresh breeze, which accelerates all bad things and thoughts, blew from the canvas of the great painter. Master knew how to revive the viewer. How to cheer him up. The bright colors of the picture evoke positive emotions. Everything inside me is filled with gratitude and a desire to upgrade. And it becomes clear that the main character of the picture is neither a river, nor even a breeze. And the contemplative of this beautiful canvas, that is me. I listen to the cries of seagulls, the hooters of steamboats, the sound of water. And I see a competition of wind with water, a man with nature. All this performance so that I get great pleasure and joy.

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