Fountain of Love by Francois Boucher

Fountain of Love by Francois Boucher

Pastoral landscape of the artist rococo Francois Boucher “The Fountain of Love.” The full size of the painting is 278 x 319 cm, canvas, oil.

The themes of rural landscapes are closely connected with the pastors of Boucher, who are built mainly on the principle of theatrical scenery: with a platform for characters, a landscape background and likened actors playing on stage, young, pretty and idealized villagers, resting, playing with birds or finding out love relationships.

Pastoral or pastoral poetry is a special kind of art and, in particular, poetic literature, where shepherds and cowherd

boys act as heroes. The oldest monument of pastoral poetry in Europe is Ameto, Boccaccio; this is something between the novel and the drama. The antique element – the nymphs, dryads, poetic competitions of shepherds, etc. – merges here with the Christian-allegorical element that arose under the influence of Dante and transformed Ameto’s healthy youthful love into an ideal worship and spiritualistic delight. Although Ameto describes being shepherds and hunters, but simple life is not opposed to artificial life, urban.

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