Etretat, Port D’Aval by Claude Monet

Etretat, Port DAval by Claude Monet

For a long time, the small French city of Etretat, which attracts tourists, nature lovers and artists with its incredible mountain cliffs and cliffs growing from the English Channel, is considered one of the most picturesque places. This place has never suffered from a shortage of tourists, because over the course of more than one century, visitors from all over the world have been constantly coming to this place.

The rock depicted in this picture was painted by many artists of that time. Monet picked up the colors so that it seems as if the sea and the sky merged into one. A huge rocky cliff casts a large shadow on the sandy beach. In the distance on the horizon, the sky is lit by the setting sun, which also illuminates the sharp tops of the rocks. It is impossible not to draw attention to the unusual shape of the rock. Because of the arch formed in it, the rock resembles the silhouette of a huge elephant.

The artist often visited the sea beaches, admired them, he painted several dozen landscapes, which depicted the sea in all its glory. More than once he visited this coast, where he painted quite a few paintings, which depicted a rock from different angles. This cliff interested Monet in his childhood, with its unusual form. In 1883, he still managed to visit this place, where he created this picture, calling it “Etretat, Port D’Aval. Fishing Boats Leave the Harbor.” To paint this picture, the artist is located on the west side of the cliff.

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