Desert Caravan by Alberto Pasini

Desert Caravan by Alberto Pasini

If you play with almost any audience in associative thinking and suggest words that first come to mind with the word “desert”, then, of course, a caravan will arise among the answer options. After all, from time immemorial, people were forced to learn to endure thirst and deprivation, all the material inconveniences that were inevitable during the long journey in order to safely arrive at their destination. Italian artist Alberto Passini captured one of the caravans in the desert – from nature, from memory – this is no longer the point.

As you know, oases are found in deserts –

places with vegetation and life-giving moisture. In the picture we can assume that it was at such an oasis that the caravan finally came across. Here are just a dirty pool with rusty water is hardly quenched human thirst, not to mention the fact that from it is risky to water the horses. The caravan is seen a little at a distance, so you have to look closely at the artistic details, look at them more closely and carefully.

Mixed in a bunch of horses and camels. Over the entire caravan, two canopies statefully swaying, in which, it must be, important people are escaping from the sweltering heat and thirst. The dazzling azure of heaven does not promise a quick rain, and the way ahead is still not long…

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