Galarina by Salvador Dali

The portrait is made in a realistic manner. The gala is depicted to the waist, in an unbuttoned light blouse with a short sleeve. One breast of her naked, like

Elephants by Salvador Dali

Civilization did not bring a person more intelligence. As if guarding the sensible from excessive arrogance, history plunges humanity into the bloodiest wars that cast people back decades. Development slows

Great masturbator by Salvador Dali

“Great masturbator” is a self-portrait. Dali’s head resembles a rock that was near his house, and is depicted so on some canvases dating from 1929. The picture reflects Dali’s fear

Fountain by Salvador Dali

Surrealist Salvador Dali is regarded by critics in two ways. On the one hand, he is a genius, a master of perspective, an unbridled creator of forbidden subjects about what