Candy Forest by Will Cotton

Another sweet fantasy, colorful, bright, unusual. The picture of the American artist-photorealist “The Candy Forest” depicts a fabulous multicolored forest – blue, pink, yellow strips of paper wrappers on candy

Girl with curls by Will Cotton

In the picture of American photorealist Will Cotton “Girl with Curls,” which you can see, the Queen of some fairy carnival is probably depicted in the same magic country where

Rachel by Will Cotton

Rachel is one of the artist’s favorite models. In the picture, which is called “Rachel”, the artist-photo-realist Will Cotton adorned the head of his model with freakish seashells and bright

Black and white by Will Cotton

In art, often used to receive contrast or a combination of different colors on the emotional impact. So white is always perceived as clarity, purity and innocence, and black, on

Rocky Mountains by Will Cotton

Again, in the picture of American artist-photorealist Will Cotton “The Rocky Mountains” sweets, spice-cakes, nuts, sweet cotton wool, chocolate bars form bizarre forms resembling rocks. Bright cherries hid in a

Sandra by Will Cotton

This picture is called “Sandra”. Artist-photo-realist Will Cotton again returns to his favorite topic, putting his models on clouds of sweet cotton. This time young Sandra dreamily threw back her

Ghost house by Will Cotton

This ice house-ghost artist-hyperrealist Will Cotton built all of the same candies, gingerbread and whipped cream. To give the picture a frosty haze, powdered with powdered sugar. It turned out

Chocolate Bath by Will Cotton

In the picture of the American artist-photorealist “Chocolate bath”, a black-haired young woman is sitting with her back to the viewer, around her there is a chocolate sea. It turned

Jessica by Will Cotton

His black model Jessica artist-photo-realist Will Cotton places in a white foam surrounded by crimson clouds. Cold greenish stones give the impression that the girl is lying on the snow.

In the clouds by Will Cotton

In the picture of American hyperrealist Will Cotton “In the Clouds” we see the same story as young creatures bathed in fluffy clouds of sweet colored cotton. And here the

Nega in creamy clouds by Will Cotton

In the painting “Nega in Cream Clouds” American artist-hyperrealist Will Cotton showed nude women bathing in pink clouds of sweet airy cotton and whipped cream. Painting Will Cotton is very

In the sweet heavens by Will Cotton

In the picture “In the sweet heavens” American American artist Hyperrealist Will Cotton depicted a girl who luxuriates in pink clouds and though through these clouds a real blue sky