Conversion of St. Paul by Francesco Parmigianino

Conversion of St. Paul by Francesco Parmigianino

Parmigianino’s painting “The Conversion of St. Paul”. The size of the painting is 177.5 x 128.5 cm, wood, oil. The image of a man in the art of mannerists not only loses heroic significance, is filled with a sense of confusion, anxiety, but, gradually obeying a conventional, purely aristocratic ideal, loses meaningfulness and independent significance.

The rejection of Renaissance realism, the desire to oppose the reality of the world of the artist’s subjective fantasy leads to underlined subjectivism characteristic of early Mannerism, deliberate distortion of the proportions of a human

figure and the subordination of an arbitrary linear scheme, the irrationality of space construction, abstract color, and one-sided culture of drawing.

Paintings on biblical scenes Parmigianino writes in bluish-grayish tones, thereby giving them a certain mystical hue. The stormy sky, the rearing horse and the exaggeratedly tragic posture of Paul in the presented painting “The Conversion of St. Paul” looks excessively theatrical, mannered, which, in general, corresponds to this artistic style.

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