Church in the Fog by Claude Monet

Church in the Fog by Claude Monet

One of the most fascinating activities is drawing landscape with gouache. The paint is perfectly applied with a palette knife and brush.

Landscape desirable to draw in the lap of nature. Attach a sheet of paper to the easel. Apply in broad strokes background. It should dry out. Then draw the sketch with a solid pencil.

Start drawing with clouds and sky. For the sky, it is desirable to apply several shades. Clouds put white gouache. It is best if they are translucent. So do not take a lot of paint.

Think about where the foreground and background are in the picture. Connect them with paths that go uphill, going to the edge of the road or reflecting objects in the lake. Sketch large objects of the picture with light strokes. Think about the lighting. The time of day can be determined by the shadows.

Draw small details of the image. You will need brushes of different quality, different bristles and diameters. Crowns of trees and plants are best applied with soft nap tools. It is advisable to paint mountains with a palette knife or with brushes that have tight hairs. When working with a palette knife, dilute the paint.

To create the glare of the sun in the grass, use the following technique. Take the gouache and dilute it to the state of highly colored water. Dip a fluffy brush in liquid paint and spray on the dried pattern drops. Get a great effect.

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