Card Players by Paul Cezanne

Card Players by Paul Cezanne

At the end of the XIX century French artist Paul Cezanne painted a series of paintings devoted to a game of cards. They all come under the same name – “The Card Players”.

Subject card game is often in Europe, including the French, painting. Suffice it to mention a picture of the Granet Museum in Aix Le Nain brothers, which in some measure Cezanne inspired the creation of similar works. The cards themselves on the canvas is almost not visible, because the author is interested figures of his characters, their manner of sitting at the table, at the same time restrained and bright clothes – that is, plasticity and color.


each subsequent work the author has reduced the number of people shown, and is removed from the web extra details. As a result, the most concise and at the same time the most famous of the series was the fifth picture – a kind of final work of Cezanne on the data subject.

The heroes of the movie are favorite artist French peasants who live in the lands dear to his heart – in Provence. Cezanne captured restrained and sedate game of cards of two men sitting at a rough table in one of the local cafes. Apparently, he had the opportunity to observe and study the good of these people, due to the relative immobility, in which they remained in the game.

At the same time on his canvas the artist was able to create the expression, to display a sense of movement, thanks to the different gestures and the expression of the characters faces. All this he intricately connected with his characteristic manner of monumentality. Plot transferred in a bright contrasting color palette that has brought in a picture of a certain degree of liveliness and everyday life. Background picture looks rather vague and blurred, and bears no resemblance to the cafe wall, representing something abstract.

We see a kind of confrontation between two people, completely absorbed in the play of the cards. As commonly understood, the card – not an easy thing, they can tell the secrets of destiny.

However, players are used according to their own will. In the words of their profiles, you can see that the characters intently pondering the next move, which could solve not only the outcome of the game, but as if all their future fate. And this is not the pathos, when you consider that in the cards people tend to play for money, and there are cases where the result of card game determines the fate of man.

In fact, it is happening right before our eyes – the fate of the people, and all this is done in the most banal surroundings. Thus, despite its simplicity, heroes

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