The Mad Greta by Peter Brueghel

“Mad Greta” – simultaneously one of the most famous and emotional paintings of Brueghel. The style, which is designed to convey the horror of perception, lies in the inexplicability and

Gluttony. Engraving by Peter Brueghel

Engraving of the artist Peter Bruegel “Gluttony” or “Allegory of gluttony” from the series “Defects.” Gluttony is the most “natural” of passions. Everyone can experience hunger and thirst. But with

Peasant Dance by Peter Brueghel

Painting “Peasant Dance”. In the years 1567-1569, Peter Bruegel performed a number of paintings on the themes of folk life. Apparently, Brueghel managed to create one of his best genre

The Blind by Peter Brueghel

The picture “Blind” Bruegel wrote shortly before his death. The blind follow the blind guide; their empty eye sockets are terrible on their pale, tilted faces, their palpable hands and

Laziness by Peter Brueghel

The work is an impression of an engraving on paper using gray-brown ink. The dimensions of the engraving are 214 × 296 mm. In the lower left corner, authorship is

Flemish proverbs by Peter Brueghel

Painting “Flemish proverbs” or “Dutch proverbs.” Some of the techniques of Bosch painting – a large canvas size and small – figures, countless number of stories are characteristic of the