Bison hunting by Charles Craig

Bison hunting by Charles Craig

American civilization is the youngest in the world. How, in fact, it originated? After the discovery of H. Columbus and A. Vespucci, adventurers, adventurers, outspoken crooks and simply “dark” people who were at odds with the law were trying to explore new lands.

Fire and sword, as well as “fire water”, they exterminated the indigenous population of the continent, and those that survived, were driven to the reservation. So the history of America is extremely short, and its inhabitants can not boast of their own culture – everything brought in. The painting by the artist Charles

Craig takes us exactly in those days when on the expanse of prairies only Indians were hunting, which we see in the picture.

Two hardly notice in the distance and disperse the buffalo herd, trying to disorient the mighty bulls so that it would be easier to hunt them alone. Four, with long peaks, we see near, and they are rapidly approaching.

The author of the picture was able to achieve exactly this effect – the illusion of approximation. In the sky slowly float clouds, and the bird’s wedge stretches – it must be, according to the principle of contrast with what is happening here, on the sinful earth. Buffalo look impressive and menacing, but they are obese and clumsy, so it’s easy to guess who will win.

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