Before the theater by Bertha Morizo

Before the theater by Bertha Morizo

The topic, which Morisot often addressed, and was of particular interest to her, was connected with her society: petty bourgeoisie, who had a good secular education and decent wealth. Women prevailed in this category, especially the well-groomed and representative.

Work “Before the theater” captured a seductive woman, and only. Elements of a decorative nature are absent here, as well as a barely applied background, there is only a charming Venus, illuminated by diffused light.

When the artist joined the Impressionist team, the official Salon, and with it the critics, sent their sophisticated stinging blows on Morizo’s work, often accusing her of neglecting the details.

The speed of her work was really high, but at the same time, it allowed us to capture all kinds of situations and poses of people with photographic accuracy.

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