Piram and Fisba by Hans Baldung

Unusually interpreted Baldung Green popular in German art of the XVI century. the story of Piram and Fisby, narrated by Ovid in “Metamorphoses.” Unlike his contemporaries, who usually portrayed the

Prudence by Hans Baldung

Hans Baldung Green is an extremely original master, whose creativity is whimsically intertwined with Renaissance features with medieval symbols, fiction and elements of emerging Mannerism, an artistic direction that was

Self-Portrait by Hans Baldung

Hans Baldung – one of the outstanding artists of the so-called Upper Germanic school, is known as a painter, engraver and draftsman. He is considered the most talented pupil of

Christmas by Hans Baldung

One of the best works Baldung – “Christmas Christ” – inherent in the charm of simplicity, fairy-tale, genuine nationality. He is interested in the transmission of contrasts of dense nighttime