At the stage by bad news from France by Vasily Vereshchagin

At the stage by bad news from France by Vasily Vereshchagin

The great painter V. V. Vereshchagin allowed himself to imagine Napoleon when he was promptly forced to flee Russia. And this historical painting appeared “At the stage – bad news from France”. They say that before this, Vasily Vasilyevich deeply investigated all the details, so the picture looks so natural. It depicts Napoleon, who is clearly upset about something. What torments such a bold and resolute commander? Can I say that the great Frenchman at that moment began to understand his future life?

The room in which Napoleon is located can in no way be called a hotel room. Sacrilege! The

invader encroached on the sacred for the soul of the Russian! At first he attacked the land of Russia, and in addition he also began to plunder churches, not even disdaining even the abuse of the faces of their saints, and even icons with the Lord Christ! Is this not a disgrace to a man of his rank? Not respecting people, their religion, relics, culture and customs, the commander was doomed to defeat, notwithstanding his greatness and farsightedness.

By the way, it seems to me that it was this last quality that brought this insignificantly small man. It was this episode, when he realized this, and is pictured in the picture. His sight is absent, testifies that the letter that Napoleon keeps in his hands, very much stunned him. Even more than his forced flight from a country he intended to capture in only a few months.

What happened that the commander, who was famous for his firmness of character and courage so wilted at a time, cringed and gloomy, cracked? He received news from his native France. This is troubled, disturbing news. And despite the fact that the mutiny described in the news has failed, Napoleon has something to think about. I think that only now he guessed how much he had to pay dearly for his vain plans.

Vereshchagin caught the mood that Napoleon might have had. He passed everything with the accuracy of the scientist, as can be seen through a distant glance, a limp posture. Now the very place where he is, shows the commander is humiliating and unattractive, even despite the looting attitude expressed by this lurking people.

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