Adoration of the Magi by Jan Gossaert

Adoration of the Magi by Jan Gossaert

About Jan Gossarte is often referred to as the founder of Romanticism, he was one of the first Flemish artists who visited Italy, learned certain trends of Italian art of his time and brought them to Dutch painting. “Adoration of the Magi” – the most significant of the early creations, created soon after the return.

This large picture was intended for the altar in the chapel of the Virgin Mary in the abbey of St. Adrian in Gerardsbergen, near Brussels. It was ordered by a local nobleman, who was supposed to be buried there.

The stage of worship represents Kaspar kneeling before Christ,

sitting on Mary’s lap, and offering gold gifts. Knowing the tradition to bestow the eldest of the magi with the features of a donator, we can assume that in the hero you can see the customer pictures. To the left of the Virgin Mary stands the black Baltazar with his retinue, to the right of Kaspar – the youngest, Melchior, also surrounded by people.

In the background, the figure of Joseph leaving the house is visible, in this scene he always plays a secondary role. The whole action is depicted against the background of the ruins: according to tradition, the dilapidated shack in which the Child was born symbolized the Old Testament, which will be replaced by the Savior for the New.

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