Adam before the court of God by Ulam Blake

Adam before the court of God by Ulam Blake

One of the most dramatic works of William Blake. The Lord is represented here as a formidable judge. He sits on a fiery chariot and looks sternly at Adam. Blake finds in this picture a successful compositional move: the figure of God is only slightly larger than the figure of Adam, but with this increase, almost imperceptible to the eye, the author achieves that God looks really much more impressive than the fallen man.

Pictures created in Eternity Shortly before his death, William Blake wrote to one of his friends: “I visited the very Gates of Death and returned from there by a decrepit, feeble old

man, who could hardly move his legs, but my spirit did not become weaker and my imagination was paler. The more feeble my stupid mortal body is, the stronger my spirit and imagination, to live forever. ” The fate of Blake – an artist, poet and philosopher – is an amazing phenomenon not only in English, but also in world culture.

His whole life was filled with the desire for the Gates, the approach to which almost all people are so afraid. Only one thing he cared about – to make as much as possible of what was commanded him by the Creator. “My brain and my memory are full of old books and pictures that I created even when I was in Eternity, that is, before I appeared on Earth in my current, mortal appearance,” Blake said. And he considered his earthly life as an opportunity given to him by God to convey his creations to people.

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