3 Woman by Willem De Kooning

3 Woman by Willem De Kooning

This pattern is written in 1953. Therefore, we can safely say that Willem de Kooning is our contemporary. The artist has six paintings from the series about women. Female pattern 3 and one of the six papers. This model has become a very famous painting.

The writer is very fond of writing portraits, he was absorbed in work that way. Only a person who has no taste, will not see in the paintings of the artist is nothing but emptiness. If you look at and ponder the idea Kooning in his paintings and portraits can be read much.

The woman depicted in the picture somewhat unusual. All women, which the artist depicted, wherein it is necessary

to carefully and continuously monitor its creation to reveal the meaning invested in this work. Originality and singularity of heroin, distinguishes the great masters from the other fellow.

The painting “Woman 3” is also unique in its kind. It even differs from other works of the same artist. All the women he described in one style. The same character is depicted somewhat differently. How?

What is the difference between a lady in this picture from the other kuningovskih women? Interestingly, all the women were thoughtful and serious. But the person, which is now in question, a very good-natured and cheerful. Because her eyes were wide open, perhaps it transmits its excessive credulity and naivety. From this follows another conclusion. It is likely that the person so naive, because of their young age. If you still take a closer look, we will see how the young lady, with gently hold her dress transparent at the edges.

Headgear lady resembles a crown. This may indicate that the person is a lady of the ancient and noble family. Maybe in the future it will be the queen. Not ruled out the possibility that it can be engaged with one of the public figures.

What may be the truth, this masterpiece whereby ye may own discoveries and a sense of beauty.

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